OK, so I've taken care of the bad Links/links pun (well, until I find a way to get more than just four Links on screen during a game of Super Smash Bros.). Without further ado, here are the links.

Studios, Networks & Other Media

Cartoon Network-I think they still show cartoons here.

Boomerang-Cartoon Network's sister channel, which might still show cartoons from 1958-1983 (not coincidentally the age of Hanna-Barbera's assumed dominance).

Disney Online-This isn't Walt's company anymore; Disney owns a host of companies and networks, and it's not getting any smaller.

Warner Bros. Online-Another studio that owns far more than just a movie studio. Remember when Paramount was the only studio that was part of a conglomerate? (Didn't think so.)

Ruby-Spears Productions, Inc.-Once one of the four major animation studios (with Warner, Disney, and Filmation Associates), Ruby-Spears is now a very small presence in a world filled with dozens of independent studios. However, never underestimate the abilities of Joe Ruby and Ken Spears....

Voice Actors, Writers, & Animators still-active (and, unfortunately, still-broken) website of the co-creator of Thundarr the Barbarian, and all-around corrupter of my youth. Includes a link to his blog, which charts his final days, and the tributes to his life and legacy (as collected by Mark Evanier). best known as the creator of Jem for Hasbro, Christy Marx has written features, cartoons, live action, video games, books....let's just say that she's been busy. ;) And she's one of the best at what she does, too. (And that's not even mentioning her strong commitment to her beliefs.)

Dan voice of Bumblebee on The Transformers, and the definitive voice actor for Spider-Man, Dan Gilvezan has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry, and he's got a pretty extensive resume to boot. (And his site's pretty slick, too.)

Dick Gautier-Somewhere in the middle of an impressive acting career (and after being a regular participant in the insanity on Match Game), Dick Gautier did a lot of voice work, making his biggest mark as Serpentor, the Cobra Emperor. His site has all the basics, but also has a nicely sarcastic wit to it.

Marv'm not even going to dare to encapsulate the comic book career of Marv Wolfman. Simply put, the man is a god. Double that for his animation efforts, which include work on everything from Batman: The Animated Series to My Little Pony. His website is equally good, featuring reprints of his "What Th--?" column and the answer to how he would have brought back Barry Allen (the Silver Age Flash who died during Crisis on Infinite Earths). spartan website that details the career of Donald F. Glut, who's written books, cartoons, comic books, and a host of other projects (including an interest in paleontology that has served him well over the years).

Michael Reaves' Website-Another site belonging to a great writer, filled with resume data and such. The real reason to visit (besides learning about the man most responsible for the success of Dungeons & Dragons and Gargoyles)? The script to the unproduced (but network approved) series finale of Dungeons & Dragons. (So much for the dreaded "Kids in Hell" rumor.)

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