.....Welcome to the Editorials! My opinions, and those of others, will be displayed here as this site grows. If you have something cartoon-related to discuss, or want to shoot down one of my (or someone else's) opinions, e-mail me. Just remember to check your grammar and thoughts, because I'm picky, and so is Starscream. ;) And now, on to the Editorials:

Cartoons Vs. Comics: The Great G.I. Joe and Marvel Double Standard

Mission Statement

Steve Gerber: 1947-2008

He-Man Airdates And You: A Big WTF?! From A Fan

Building A Better DVD Set: A Review of Shout! Factory's Transformers Season 1 Box Set

The Cartoon Review Website List Of DVDs That Should Be Released (And What Should Be On Them)

A Tale Of Three Jems

"That'll Do, Pig": Shout! Factory's Complete Jem DVD Set

TeleToon Retro And The Case For New G.I. Joe And Transformers DVDs

The State of He-Man: An Honest Yet Delightfully Brutal Assessment Of A Popular Toyline In Three Parts

Lou Scheimer (1928-2013)

Macross Fans Are Morons: Some Thoughts On Why Spoiled, Unthinking Fans Ruin The Fun For The Rest Of Us

Reviewing La-La Land's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Soundtrack CD


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