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......Welcome to the slightly improved Cartoon Review Website, home to sometimes snarky reviews of classic cartoons (with an obvious '80s bias). And a mascot (or dozen):

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I almost feel sorry for Claude Julien. Almost.

Here's a little on each major section of the site:

What's New: I think this one is easy....More or less, anything added/changed in the most recent update. Minor rants will be here as well sometimes. (Last update: April 12th, 2015.)

Cartoons: The master list of the shows and/or theatrical features I've reviewed. All series are arranged in chronological order. Also, any feature films that exist as part of a larger series (i.e., Secret of the Sword and Transformers: The Movie) will be placed within the section for that series. Finally, each series will (eventually) have detailed biographies of all relevant characters for that particular series.

Videos: The Cartoon Review Website's first new section, which shows off all some of the many videos and DVDs (some long discontinued) used in the making of this website (the legal ones, anyways).

Video Variations: Yet another new section, this one dedicated to charting changes in home video releases of shows. Opened solely because of the chronic issues with G.I. Joe and The Transformers on DVD.

Editorials: The place for my rants, as well as those of others. While I try to keep it animation-only, sometimes I'll veer off into general rants about everything from politics to a celebration of the Red Sox winning this year's World Series. (And I wrote this before the Sox finally ended the Curse. Can you believe it?)

Blog: Yes, a blog. Nothing good can come of this, I'm sure.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. General info and other data. It's also where I'll shove any requests.

Credits: The regular list of thank-yous, in addition to the rather lengthy copyright info. Boring, but kinda necessary.

Links: General and non-cartoon related links. Each show will have specific links in their sections. =D


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